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CCISD Livestock Show Information

9/9/20- CCISD Animal Meeting- Click Here

Each year CCISD School District hosts a livestock show where students from the 5 CCISD high schools are able to participate in.

Students can exhibit a variety of projects through the show:

Livestock animals, Ag Mechanics, Food Science, Art Projects, Floral Projects

**Livestock Animals**

Students have the opportunity to show the following animals @ the show:

Steers, Heifers, Goats, Lambs, Pigs, Turkeys, Broilers, Rabbits

The show is done through a draw system for livestock animals. All students wanting to show market livestock animal projects will pay the same price for animals and they will be purchased as a group.
Students will then get the opportunity to select their market animal for lambs, goats, pigs and steers. Broilers and turkeys are ordered on a per bird basis and are delivered in the fall after animal orders have been placed.

Below you will find documents for the barn CCISD Livestock Show 

ALL forms and money for this year are due back by 9/17/20 by 3:00 pm
Make sure you complete your membership form for this school year and turn in your $30 dues by the 17th as well

***Click HERE to watch the recorded animal info meeting, held on 9/9/20.  (please advance to 0:19:00 where the meetings actually begins)***


20-21 Signature Packet Shanelle Petrie 9/10/2020 738 KB
2021 CCISD Livestock Show Rules Packet FINAL Shanelle Petrie 9/9/2020 1517 KB
20-21 Animal Price Sheet Shanelle Petrie 9/1/2020 212 KB
What Animal Should I Show Shanelle Petrie 9/9/2020 136 KB
CCISD Show & Barn Updates 20-21 Shanelle Petrie 9/9/2020 127 KB
CCISD Show Reminders 2020-2021 Shanelle Petrie 9/9/2020 180 KB
General Daily Barn Rules Highlights Shanelle Petrie 9/9/2020 61 KB
Poultry Supplies needed Allan Cranfill 9/28/2020 624 KB



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